Corsa Fun Fact:

The original “pace car” Corvette exhaust earned its name when, the day before the Indy 500, the prototype system was shipped overnight for installation on the race’s pace Corvette. Turns out that the pace car driver couldn’t hear the radio over the drone of the original high-performance exhaust, but Corsa’s RSC technology saved the day…

Corsa Performance is a well-known name in the exhaust business, especially among Corvette owners. But lately, they’ve been leveraging their expertise in the mysterious art of air movement to develop new intake products as well. At this year’s SEMA show, we got a good, close up look at their new Power Channel C6 intake (shown above). The ribs incorporated in the hand-formed carbon fiber body aren’t just there for looks – they help direct and smooth airflow, eliminating MAF calibration issues, and a thermal barrier layer incorporated into the layup helps keep intake air insulated from radiator heat.

Per Corsa, installation takes less than ten minutes, with no cutting or drilling required, and it’s been tested to maximize horsepower and torque when combined with a Corsa exhaust.

Corsa's 'Black Diamond' tips are now available on select systems.

Just Getting Started Where The Road Ends

What you might not know about Corsa is that they also make a line of truck and SUV exhaust products incorporating the same RSC technology found on their performance car systems. Known as the dB Performance Exhaust line, it covers Ford, Dodge, GM, and Jeep gas and diesel applications. Corsa has also developed performance intakes using Donaldson Powercore filtration technology.