Canton Racing Products is covering the LS market so thoroughly that it now offers a front-sump oil pan for Nissan owners who want to drift with a late-model Chevy V8.

“They’re just that popular,” says Tim Guerra, director of sales at Canton, while showing off a number of new products introduced at the SEMA Show. “We developed LS products early on and they didn’t do that well. But in the last two years we see them in all types of applications.”

On the left, the LS front-sump drifting pan; on the right the LS dry sump pan.

Canton’s expanded LS lineup also includes a rear-sump road-racing pan and a new dry-sump pan.

Closeup of the baffling for drifters and road racers.

“There’s a lot of track time in development behind these pans,” says Guerra. “We work closely with racers in their designs.”

Most of the pans are available in either aluminum or steel construction, and all are TIG welded. There’s a triple block-fitting process to ensure each pan mates up properly with the intended block; plus, all pans are leak tested twice. Steel pans have a gold iridite finish or are power coated.

The wet-sump pans have a 7-to-8-quart capacity, and the baffling is designed for the intended purpose, whether drag racing or road racing. There’s also a provision for an external oil filter. The dry-sump pan comes with two scavenge ports, but there is enough room for a third, if needed.

Other new Canton products include LS water necks and a Ford tank cap.

Also for the LS, Canton is offering a line of billet water necks to accommodate a variety of engine swaps. There’s a 90-degree swivel neck version as well as a straight with either -16AN or standard hose fittings.

Finally, Canton introduced a new billet coolant cap with a unique scallop design for Ford that fits either stock tanks or a custom Canton tank.