When it comes to making a lot of power through an automatic transmission, a Powerglide is typically everyone’s first choice. They have been proven as a robust and reliable transmission for heading down the 1320. But what if you want a third gear for your track combination or street/strip car? Well, ATI Racing is looking to make the Turbo 400 3-speed as durable as a Powerglide.

It was such an early success that attendees of the SEMA show voted the Turbo 400 SuperCase as SEMA’s Best Performance Racing Product for 2013. The awards go to the most cutting-edge automotive products either on the market or about to hit the market, and ATI’s new Turbo 400 Case was one of more than 2,000 new products submitted for consideration at the 2012 SEMA Show.

Having a durable transmission first starts at a case that is able to harness the power. The new cast aluminum Turbo 400 SuperCase is the result of over two years of development. Designed in-house at ATI, cast in the USA, and machined at ATI on 4-Axis Horizontal CNC machines, the T400 SuperCase features improved fluid pathways to assure better-performance. Also, since the case is already SFI approved, it does not require any additional shields.

In addition, the SuperCase features a removable bellhousing that bolts directly to the transmission case instead of the pump bolt locations, and has been engineered to accept all internal Powerglide or Turbo 400 components. The SuperCase will accept any of ATI’s SFI bellhousings (Chevy, Mopar, Toyota and Ford), as well as bellhousings from Reid and Browell.