SEMA 2012: Aeromotive Introduces Universal Phantom Musclecar System

Unless you have been living under a cold, dark rock somewhere, you surely know how popular late-model engine swaps have become in early-model musclecars. Why not? Having an engine that is more fuel efficient, runs better, and makes more power is always a plus.

2011+ Mustang Drop In Kit

Also for you late-model Mustang lovers, Aeromotive has just rounded out the S197 Mustang chassis fuel system by introducing their 2011+ Mustang drop in kit. The direct bolt-in hat and fuel pump assembly can support up to 1700hp when paired with a Eliminator pump!

When doing a late-model swap, it’s always good to save on money you don’t need to spend. One of those big issues is fueling a high pressure, fuel injected engine. Don’t think your mechanical fuel pump or low pressure inline pump is going to do anything. Understanding this need to fuel these engines is Aeromotive Inc and their latest Phantom musclecar fuel system.

Custom tanks aren’t always in the budget and Aeromotive knows this. They have designed a completely new fuel system that is designed to work on any tank that has at least has 5.5-inches of minimum clearance. The kit includes everything from internal baffling foam, pre-pump filter, pump, templates, etc. that you need to install this kit at home.

Some of our readers might be wondering, “But what about the fuel vapors when cutting the tank?” Jesse Powell of Aeromotive has some simple tech tips on installation, “Rinse the inside of the tank very well before installation to remove any sort of left over fuel or vapors. Also when looking for a spot to drill, use the deepest part of the tank that does not interfere with the factory float level sensor.” Check out their installation instructions here or the video below!

Phantom Fuel System PN 18688 and 18689

• 340 Stealth Fuel Pump
• Supports up to:
    • 700 HP EFI Supercharged
    • 1000 HP Carbureted Supercharged
• Black anodized hanger assembly
• (3) ORB-06 Ports – Supply, Return, Vent
• Fuel resistant baffle / basket (Includes: Foam and Bladder)
• Universal high flow pre-pump filter
• Modular design can be cut to height to fit almost any fuel tank
• EFI or Carbureted
• Turbine pump mechanism increases durability.
• Must be used with a return style system
• In-tank use only

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