Like any other aftermarket component for a race or street car, determining and selecting the proper differential for your application and your needs can be difficult to conclude without expert knowledge of what;s out there and what your vehicle needs.  And with parts spanning  24 different vehicle makes, hundreds of vehicle models from 1948 to present with over 5,500 different part numbers, 89 product categories from 33 different product manufacturers, and over 130 different types of differentials, the folks at Yukon Gear & Axle have virtually every part one could need. But digging into all of those parts to find the correct one for you is quite a task.

But alas, Yukon Gear & Axle shared with us at SEMA the recent unwrapping of their “Diff Wizard” website, which makes finding the right components a snap through the use of an easy-to-use drop down system. You enter your make year, make, and model information, along with the drive type, and The Diff Wizard will display the differential, gear, axle, and related components for your application. And it’s all accessible, right from your computer, tablet, iPhone, Android, and other smart phone browsers.

Once your vehicle information is entered, The Diff Wizard will display your suggested list of compatible products on the right, and you can even filter the parts by category those vehicle makes with a long list of available components. If you’re shopping for a differential or other driveline components, this is one resource you’ll want to check out.