For the rigors of competition, or simply for the finest turbochargers available for high performance street applications, Turbonetics is expanding the GT-K line with new 600, 700, 750, 850, and 1050 sizes. These turbos feature advanced design and materials in their compressor sections, with wheels CNC-machined from forged billet aluminum.

Per Turbonetics’ Reggie Wynn, these High Performance Competition compressors are the latest evolution in aerodynamics, made possible by the added strength of forged materials. Thinner blade profiles and lightweight yet strong hubs mean these turbos move more air with less rotating mass. The end result is a family of turbochargers capable of efficient operation at very high pressure ratios, making them ideal for competition applications.

Using forged billet aluminum instead of standard bar stock means that the HPC compressor wheels can be lighter, stronger, and closer to the optimum aerodynamic design.

To set these turbos apart from their HP predecessors, the compressor housings on the new GT-K HPC models carry a brushed satin finish, while the turbine housings are ceramic-coated to resist corrosion and limit radiated heat.

Turbonetics Billet GT-K turbochargers feature:

  • HPC forged billet aluminum compressor wheel
  • Exclusive brushed satin finish on compressor housing
  • Enhanced Map Porting
  • Patented ceramic ball bearing design
  • F1-series 713C Inconel turbine wheel
  • Black ceramic coated turbine housing w/ V-band discharge
  • Liquid-cooled center housing option (16mm)

A black ceramic coating provides corrosion resistance as well as helping to keep heat under control.