Being the world leader in faster technology, it’s really no wonder they centered the ARP booth around a second-gen Trans-Am, completely outfitted with nearly every ARP bolt imaginable. Were you aware that ARP designs and manufactures nearly any type of bolt you can think of? That’s right, just send the specs to ARP and they will build you a bolt for any custom application.

As Chris Raschke, ARP’s Sales Director put it, “ARP will build everything from engine fasteners, even going as far as supplying this particular second-gen Trans-Am with a 12-point ARP valve stem cap.”

The truth is, ARP will supply any build with hardware. If it can be mounted or placed with bolts, ARP is the company to get it done. Most notably, ARP also supplies nearly every piston rod company with rod bolts, too. When you’ve got that kind of customer base, it’s easy to realize that ARP has done their homework when it comes to fasteners.

We wish we had more information on ARP’s second-gen Trans-Am build. Of course, it was all done by Kyle and Stacy Tucker from Detroit Speed. The pair made sure to fill every nook and cranny with ARP’s line of high-end, aircraft-quality fasteners. Detroit Speed even added ARP bolts to hold the wheels in place…it’s crazy! Either way, we’ll let the images do the talking.

Detroit Speed & Engineering pulled out all the stops when they built this second-gen Trans-Am. It's hard NOT to find an ARP fastener on this bad boy and we love it! From engine to suspension to wheel bolts, ARP can outfit any build with its fasteners.