SEMA 2011: The Science Of Borla Power & Sound

Borla’s continues to set apart from the pack and lead the industry in exhaust systems. And after 32 years in the lead, Borla is still going full throttle to keep you ahead of the curve. That’s why this year at SEMA, Borla couldn’t wait to show us three completely new systems they’ve designed.

Borla’s got three new systems at the core of their technology base. With over 400 internal muffler designs, Borla offers can now offer exhaust systems to suit every vehicle, driving style and sound preference. Muffler shapes, internal core characteristics, flow dynamics and more are tuned and harmonized to maximize performance and pure driving excitement. The best part is, no matter which brand of vehicle you prefer, Borla three lines of systems can apply. Here’s how they differ…


The sound lever for the Touring package line of exhaust systems will produce a mild growl and its all the high performance without all the unnecessary growl.

The streamlined oval shape of Borla’s Touring muffler system allows the addition of more capacity within the muffler which results in a ride that is quieter than other Borla models.

Borla adds a single-core, high-flow design to add power with a sound that is deep and throaty but just slightly louder than stock at open throttle.


The next range in mufflers produces their S-type line. It’s sound is more aggressive and creates the head-turning reaction of straight-through power. It’s just the right blend of packing filament, straight-through core dimensions, core perforation pattern, and cylindrical shape to deliver the intoxicating Borla “Sound of Power” with every squeeze of the throttle.


Their final, and most aggressive line is the ATAK system. It’s been acoustically designed to be deliver their highest performance. It’s for the purists who prefer exhaust sound over stereos. ATAK-equipped exhaust systems deliver the highest available decibel levels in the Borla street-legal lineup.

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