SEMA 2011: Taylor Cables – Firing America’s Finest Rides

Taylor spark plug wires have been igniting American cars since 1923.

If it has spark plugs, and needs wires to fire them, we probably have a set for it.

Since 1923, Taylor Cable Productshave been firing the spark plugs in everything from World War I aircraft and 1930’s street rods to professional race cars and hard core off roaders. That is just a shade under 90 years that they have been providing products for America’s cars. It’s pretty hard to go to a cruise in anywhere across the country and not find a hot rod or muscle car with a set of Taylor’s spark plug wires. (and on a personal note, my Camaro has been getting its spark from a set of Taylor wires for the last 10 years…)

Make, model, or year doesn't matter. Taylor has a set of wires for your car.

Having been such a constant presence in the automotive world for that long, it would be easy to assume that Taylor only focuses on classic cars. But that is not the case. At the 2011 SEMA show, we found out that Taylor makes spark plug cables for just about any vehicle you can possibly think of. Justin Askeren, of Taylor told us, “If it has spark plugs, and needs wires to fire them – we probably have a set for it.” Even more than that, Taylor also makes numerous wire-related accessories to keep your engine bay nice and organized, because no one likes looking at a rat’s nest of wiring.

Percy's recently became a part of the Taylor Cables family of products.

In other news, Taylor Cable Products recently acquired Percy’s High Performance, well known for their high quality hardware and their awesome WheelRite tool. Taylor also owns the company Helix, makers of intake systems and air filters. Check out Taylor Cable Products website to find just what you need for your ride.

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