SEMA 2011: Surf City Garage Keeps Your Ride Gleamin’

Surf City Garage had this cool 1950's Ford Woody on display at their SEMA booth.

Surf City Garage does only one thing, and they do it well – provide the very best “Enthusiast Grade” detailing products to help you keep your car’s paint, wheels, tires, and interior in tip-top shape. At SEMA 2011 the folks from Surf City Garage were showing off a few new products to help you bring the best out in your ride.

Surf City Garage rolled out several additions to their "Barrier Reef" line just in time for SEMA.

Surf City Garage has become well known for their easy-to-apply products that get the job done just a little bit better. They are continuing that tradition by expanding their “Barrier Reef” line of products with a new paste wax, liquid wax, spray wax, and wash and wax. All the Barrier Reef products feature high concentrations of the highest quality, hand blended, pure #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax, to help you create the deepest shine and offer the best possible protection for your paint.

Remember, "Your Ride's Worth It"...

Also, Surf City Garage is rolling out two new lines of tire detailers – the “Beyond Black” Tire Pro Aerosol, and Tire Foam. The Tire Pro Aerosol allows you to spray just where you need it on your tires, and gives a nice matte finish that isn’t oily or greasy. The Beyond Black Tire foam is a cleaner and protectant all in one that Surf City Garage claims lasts 5 times longer than the current market leader.

Check out Surf City Garage’s website to see all of their Enthusiast Grade Detailing products for your ride.

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