If you were to guess what the most popular “mobile” computer operating system was, you might guess Apple’s iOS was at the top of the heap. You’d be mistaken though – the Android operating system is on more devices (phones, tablets, media players, and what have you) worldwide by a large margin, and one of the reasons for that popularity is that it’s adaptable to all sorts of different practical applications.

Take, for instance, Superchips‘ VIVID tuning system. Once you’ve reached the limits of where Angry Birds can take you and want to get down to some serious business, VIVID takes Superchips’ experience in flash tuning and harnesses the power and flexibility of the Android platform to make it easy to get every bit of performance out of your late model car or truck.

Coming in 2012, the VIVID LINQ will offer the ability to connect to your own personal Android 2.2 or higher device, letting you tune and monitor your vehicle from your own smartphone.

Beyond the ability to tune more than 1,000 different vehicles, the VIVID system also allows real-time performance monitoring with virtual gauges, an inclinometer and g-meter, a maintenance minder, and more. On the hardware side, and Archos tablet with an 854×480 4.3-inch touch screen display, 1GHZ processor, and 8 gigs of on-board memory provides the brains, while the Bluetooth VIVID LINQ module connects to your OBD-II port and wirelessly communicates.