If you’ve been an automotive hobbyist for any period of time, you’ll quickly realize the need for a good hauler. It’s not uncommon to find modern trucks that are capable of hauling 25,000 pounds, but it doesn’t really matter how much weight your truck can haul if your brakes can’t get it all stopped. Unfortunately, many late model pick-ups have shown themselves to be pretty inferior in the braking department in spite of having such a hefty payload capacity. Luckily, SSBC has just the thing to solve your heavy load braking woes.

Massive 14.5 by 1.5 inch rotors ought to easily stop load you can haul with your truck

We caught up with Michael Jonas from SSBC at this year’s SEMA show, and got all the details on their massive new brake system for three-quarter and 1-ton trucks pickup trucks. The SSBC Big-Bore Tri-Power bolt-on brake kit features massive 14.5 inch rotors that are a full 1.5 inches thick to displace plenty of heat and keep your brakes from fading when you need them the most. In typical SSBC fashion, the Big-Bore Tri-Power brake kit is offered for a wide variety of applications, including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, and even for many older model trucks as well.

The Tri-Power Calipers are high pressure three piston sliding units, available in red, black, and silver powdercoat.

Jonas also let us know that soon SSBC will be offering a Big-Bore Tri-Power kit for the rear brakes as well, to maximize your truck’s braking power. The rear kits will feature three piston calipers just like the front, and will have a high-powered parking brake to hold those heavy loads when you park the truck. Check out SSBC’s website for all the info on the Big-Bore Tri-Power truck brake kits.