SEMA 2011: Royal Purple’s Robust High Performance Street Lubrication

"High Performance Street (HPS) is a motor oil that is formulated with Synerlec additive technology that utilizes a robust zinc/phosphorus package.

Chemical engineering has been the foundation of Royal Purple from the time founder John Williams began developing synthetic lubricants in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Williams went on to found the Royal Purple company in 1986 where the commitment to chemical engineering has been the cornerstone of their research and quality assurance in the Royal Purple products.

The HPS line was developed as an cost effective alternative to our XPR line for customers looking for protection in their high performance street engines.

We talked to David Canitz, Royal Purple’s Manager of International Markets about the company’s new products for 2011. “One of our most recent product releases is a line of motor oils designed for the street performance enthusiasts.” Canitz explained that regulatory controls have steadily been reducing the maximum limits of zinc/phosphorus anti wear additives in motor oils. As a result, performance enthusiasts have struggled to find an alternative. “We have addressed this void for consumers by introducing a high performance street (HPS) motor oil that is formulated with our proprietary Synerlec additive technology that utilizes a more robust zinc/phosphorus package than the API currently allows,” Canitz claimed.

“The HPS line was developed as an cost effective alternative to our XPR line for customers looking for protection in their high performance street engines,” he added.

Another recent development by the crew at Royal Purple came by way of their 0W-20 motor oil. “Lower viscosity oils are used to help improve fuel economy,” says Canitz adding, “the 0W-20 motor oil exceeds industry standards and is an API SN licensed motor oil. It provides distinct performance advantages.”

Canitz explained that Royal Purple’s additive technology provides defense against engine wear and has extended emissions protection by incorporating their patented ZDDP additive technology to optimize catalytic converter life while protecting against engine wear.

Royal Purple's new five quart packaging in the distinct purple bottle with yellow cap holds their new 0W-20 low viscosity oil at the SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas.

With modern fuels incorporating more ethanol than ever before, the oW-20 high performance motor oil “offers improved compatibility with fuels containing ethanol,” Canitz said.

Lastly, Royal Purple now offers a five quart bottle updated packaging for consumers. While it may sound like a minor thing, Canitz explained “multi-quart packaging is becoming an industry trend,” which has made things more convenient for customers. He went on to say, “In addition to maintaining the trademarked purple bottle and yellow cap, the new bottle features an embossed logo that serves as an anti-counterfeiting measure.”

What this boils down to us is convenient packaging of a high performance oil with better wear protection characteristics and emission protection. Purple may become our favorite color.

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