SEMA 2011: Pulstar’s New Power Sport Plugs

it's easy to see the difference pulstar plugs can make.

We’ve all felt the pain in our wallets when we pull up at the gas station and have to pay astronomical prices for gas, especially if you have a high horsepower vehicle. But what if there was a way to add horsepower and fuel mileage all in one? Well, Pulstar plugs are known throughout the automotive industry as a way to add horsepower to an engine, and fuel mileage. The automotive line of pulstar plugs do this by creating better combustion within the cylinders by creating a better spark when compared to the typical plugs.

This is what most racers want in an electrode

Pulstar explained to us, a simple way to think about pulsed power technology is to think of pulse plugs being the flash on a camera, whereas spark plugs are more like a flashlight.

They have seen such good results that everyone has been keeping a close eye out for a pulstar performance plug for quite some time. Well at SEMA 2011 we got some good news! The folks at Pulstar have unveiled their new Power Sport plug for racing applications and high horsepower vehicles.

“This is what most racers want in an electrode,” Said Tracylee Anderson of Pulstar. She went on to explain to us that when compared to their regular line, the Pulstar Power Sport and racing applications actually have two differences compared to the Pulstar Iridium and the Pulstar Platinum:

  • The electrode is a copper core with a inconel coating
  • The heat range is colder

We were excited to see this offered for the motorsports and high horsepower enthusiasts, but for more information on the complete line of products available through Pulstar make sure you visit their home on the web at

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