SEMA 2011: Proforged Severe Duty Chassis Parts

Every once and a while we come across a performance company that know how to execute what the consumers demand. Case in point, Proforged Severe Duty Chassis Parts, owned and operated by Zack Kanter.

Replace your worn or under engineered steering and suspension components with our Severe Duty ball joints, idler arms, tie rod ends, center links, pitman arms, and more. Backed by a Million Mile Limited Warranty, it may be the best investment you’ll ever make!

We had a chance to sit down with Kanter who illustrated his clear understanding of chassis geometry and how his precise components cure the sloppy handling characteristics of our muscle car favorites. As of now, Kanter carries some 50,000 vehicle applications, 1,300 part numbers, and can execute at a 99% order fill rate.

Proforged also produces OEM style suspension replacement parts as well as full adjustable upper control arms.

Proforged is known for its superior ball joints, which come with a SAE4140 forged ball stud for ultimate durability. Plus, each ball joint is heat treated for omnidirectional strength and is enveloped in an Ultra-tough SAE1045 Forged steel housing. Of course, there is an available polished ball stud on low-friction applications. A pre-installed, ring-retained CR rubber boot also makes certain the grease stays in and it stays sealed.

Proforged follows a very simple design philosophy: we develop the strongest, most durable part possible given the constraints of the application’s packaging. Starting with failed samples of OE and aftermarket units, we analyze the existing design for flaws and frequent areas of failure.

Through the use of superior quality materials, tighter tolerances, larger wear surfaces, or unique construction, we develop a first article prototype, followed by numerous rounds of testing and revision.

Proforged frequently revisits designs after they’ve been in the field to determine if further enhancements can be made. This process – often months long – yields a product that is built to a higher standard to deliver performance and durability well beyond the demands of the end user.

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