SEMA 2011: Performance Friction’s Revamped Aftermarket Brake Systems

While the system on display is for a Corvette, we have a aftermarket brake system for almost any application.

Whether you attend track days or just simply drive to and from car shows, you might want to take a look at upgrading your stock brake package to an aftermarket system. The aftermarket system will not only help you stop quicker, but it can also provide a lot of benefits you probably didn’t know about.

One aftermarket system that caught our eye at SEMA 2011 was the aftermarket brake package through Performance Friction Brakes. PFC has offered an aftermarket package for sometime, but the system recently received a variety of improvements. “While the system on display is for a Corvette Z06, we have it available for almost any application,” Said PFC project manager Mike Hampton.

The first thing you notice about the rotor design is how the system features a non-slotted rotor. “By using the dimpled rotor design, we can cut down on noise and still offer a way to keep the rotor cool,” Said Hampton.”The flange design also reduces cracking and warping.”

The caliper is a mono-block design, that offers a variety of pad choices for its 4 piston design. By utilizing a aftermarket brake system you can expect to see the following results versus the stock counterparts:

  • Quicker actuation and release
  • No vibration, Pulsation, or Judder
  • Firmer Pedal
  • Zero Fade
  • Unsurpassed Modulation Characteristics
  • Dramatically Improved ABS response
  • Robust Race Design for minimal maintenance
  • Longer Pad and Disc Life
  • No Dust
  • No Noise
  • Improved Tire Adhesion with Zero Drag (patented)

To see the complete and impressive line of products available by Performance Friction Brakes, make sure you visit their home on the web at

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