SEMA 2011: Painless Performance Products Relieves The Wiring Pain

Painless Performance Products had a whole truck full on new wiring components and complete wiring kits and controllers this year at SEMA. What’s more, Painless is celebrating 21 outstanding years in the performance aftermarket.

This control area network gauge controller is an easy way to interface aftermarket gauges to a late model GM LS power plant. The beauty of this controller will allow the user to eliminate the redundancy of adding additional sensors to your engine and allows for full programming of whichever aftermarket companies gauges that have been purchased.

Painless is helping put America back on track by insisting on American made parts for hot rods, street rods, race cars & trucks. This year, their efforts have paid off and introduce their Painless Gauge Controller.

State-of-the-Art stand-alone transmission controller for the General Motors 4-speed 4L60/65E and 4L80/85E automatics. Fully compatible with carbureted, fuel injected and diesel engines. Laptop software included with several “base” calibrations to start off with for each application. If you are using a GM 4L60E, it will fit 1996 and newer GM 4L60E transmissions only. (On later model 4L65E models it is not necessary to plug into the input shaft speed sensor.) If you are using a GM 4L80E, it will fit 1995 and newer GM 4L80E transmissions only. (If earlier unit is desired to be used; the “Bosch” style pressure control solenoid MUST be replaced with the newer “Holley” style pressure control solenoid.

The Painless Convenience Module allows you to retrofit your older vehicle with standard features found on many vehicles sold today. Cars today have many features that 15 to 20 years ago were unheard of. The Convenience Module brings these features to you in a complete kit with easy to follow instructions.

In most cases, the installation of this module requires no cutting of factory wiring and can be installed in less than a couple hours. Vehicles must switch ground through the door jamb switches/ground activated dome lights ( standard on GM & MOPAR vehicles) in order for this module to operate correctly. However instructions and parts are included for vehicles with power activated door switches.

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