SEMA 2011: Meguiar’s Bottled Car Wash And Window and Rim Cleaners

Close your eyes and imagine that you’ve just spent the better part of your Saturday washing and detailing your car. Now, only a day or two later, you look overhead and see rain clouds rolling in. Face it, if you live anywhere without a garage, that car is going to get wet.

Although it’s not necessarily dirty it is worthy of a cleaning. But do you really want to pull out the bucket, hose and detailers? Exactly. That’s where Meguiar’s new Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere comes in. The portable car wash safely “lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophobic wax.”

Packaged in a handy spray bottle the Wash & Wax spray is a fantastic option for the car that’s in between washes. Each bottle contains enough liquid wash and wax to clean up to five average-sized cars, or one 38-foot diesel-pusher motorhome (OK, just kidding. We don’t know how many RVs a bottle will clean).

Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere is also safe on wheels, rubber, vinyl and glass,but we’d recommend Meguiar’s new Perfect Clarity Glass cleaner. Available in either a spray bottle or aerosol can, Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity line is an improvement on previous glass cleaners promising a professional-grade streak-free shine.

Lastly, Meguiar’s has a new All Wheel and Tire Cleaner designed to wash away dirt and grime in one fail swoop. Cleaning both metal and rubber simultaneously as the Xtreme Cling foam turns from white to brown, the All Wheel and Tire Cleaner is safe to use on all wheels, even the factory coated ones.

It's like having a car detailer trapped in a tiny hydro-formed plastic bottle.

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