SEMA 2011: Mallory’s Fire Storm Ignition, and More From Prestolite

Mallory is taking on the competition head-on with their new Fire Storm Ignition System

Prestolite Performance Group is home to many iconic brands in the hot-rod and performance industry, and many of us grew up wrenching on parts from Mr. Gasket, Accel, Mallory, and Lakewood. At this year’s SEMA Show Prestolite was showcasing some of the new products from each of their brands, but one of the most exciting new products comes from Mallory – The Fire Storm Ignition system.

Mallory's Spark Map Software gives you full control of your timing maps.

The Fire Storm is billed as “The integrated, Intelligent Ignition Control System delivering power, precision, and control unmatched by any competitor for the street and race applications.” The Fire Storm creates its fire in the form of 150mJ’s of spark energy, with a primary voltage of 550V, and is capable of revving to 12,500 RPM. The Fire Storm uses multiple 3D timing maps and features an integrated data logging system that doesn’t require a laptop to use. However, if you do use a laptop, you will have full control over your timing maps thanks to Mallory’s Spark Map software. The Fire Storm can control boost timing up to 60 PSI, and features 2 and 3 step RPM limiters. Best of all, the Fire Storm features signal profiles that can be adapted to read almost any OEM or aftermarket trigger signal. The Fire Storm will also be offered in an LS version that can read 24x or 58x crank triggers.

The Fire Storm for LS engines can be used with either 24x or 58x ignition triggers, and reportedly has 3 times the computational power of other LS timing control modules.

Mallory has also teamed up with Roush/Yates to produce the #6864RY Racing Ignition and #30460RY Racing Coil, which come standard with tons of options that you have to pay extra for to add to other ignitions, including single stage rev limiting, digital spark control, and an extruded aluminum housing.

In other news, Prestolite recently acquired Quick Time, making them the world’s largest supplier of aftermarket bell-housings by further adding to the options offered through Lakewood. Also, Mr. Gasket is now offering multi-layer-steel head gaskets, with an unbelievable lifetime warranty, to keep your engine “sealed for life.”

The Fire Storm system will also feature a wide variety of accessories including crank triggers, upgraded coils, and expansion sensors.

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