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SEMA 2011: MAC’s Custom Tie Downs New Engine Pivot Plate

There’s nothing more frustrating then getting an engine up in the air and just about into the engine bay, only to learn that you put the chain in the wrong hole on the engine plate. This means you have to pull the engine back out, set it back on the ground and attach it into the correct hole. But what if there was an easier way where you could adjust the engines angle without having to disconnect the cherry picker? Well it seems that MAC’s Custom Tie Downshas created just that!

Quite simply put, the Macs Pivot Plate is just a better mouse trap for engine installation or removal

Debuted for SEMA the new Macs Pivot Plate might be one of the coolest contraptions we saw the entire show. “Quite simply put, the Macs Pivot Plate is just a better mouse trap for engine installation or removal.” Said Colin McLemore the founder of Macs Custom Tie Downs.

The Macs Pivot Plate allows you to articulate the engine angle up to 35 degrees to remove or install the engine. So no more will you have to deal with forcing pulling down on the engine transmission to add more angle to the engine, now you can simply make changes on the fly to make things easier on everyone working on the installation or removal.

Made in the USA, the Pivot plate fits most 2-bolt and 4-bolt carburetor applications, but it also has a few adapters available that allows you to use it on a variety of engines:

  • GM throttle body injection
  • Ford 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L Modular Motors
  • Ford 5.0L
  • Ford ’32 – ’53 Flathead
  • 502 Ramjet and 454 Vortech
  • GM LS1 – LS9
  • 6-71, 4-71, 3-71 blowers
  • TPI GM V8 Fuel Injection

Make sure you check out MAC’s Custom Tie Downs for not only the new pivot plate but also their entire line of custom tie downs, and see why they call themselves the one stop shop for any cargo securing items.

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