SEMA 2011: Katzkin Leather – More Than One Way to Skin Your Seats

Katzkin provides the leather for all of the Shelby Mustangs.

So what do you think is the number one most requested and demanded aftermarket car part? Perhaps it’s wheels and tires? Maybe exhaust systems? Well, according to the experts at Katzkin Leather, it is actually leather seats. It does make sense when you think about it; quality leather seats can be added to literally any car you can think of, and will instantly make it feel more high-end and enjoyable to drive. Since you can rarely add leather by itself to a new car, many people also aren’t willing to pony up the extra bucks for an upgrade package that includes leather plus a lot of other unwanted “luxury” items, and not to mention that some cars don’t even offer leather as an option. That is where Katzkin comes in…

Katzkin offers luxurious leather for just about any car you can think of. Here are examples of 5th Gen Camaro, 370Z, and Mustang seats.

Katzkin offers quality aftermarket leather seat covers for literally thousands of cars, that can be had in an almost endless array of color, texture, and embroidery options. Katzkin leather even has the stamp of approval from several OEM companies. For example, Katzkin leather can even be ordered as a dealer option on both Chrysler and Ford cars. Additionally, if you purchase a used car from a CarMax dealership, you can have them install a Katzkin leather interior for you.

While at their SEMA booth we were very impressed by the both the quality materials and design aspects of Katzkin’s offerings – they really do offer something for everyone, and can match your interior to whatever your personal taste may be. Check out their website, and you can see for yourself that there is more than one way to skin your seats with Katzkin.

Katzkin is looking to continue to push the limits of their seat designs with offerings like this "concept seat" they created for the iconic Boss Mustang.

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