SEMA 2011: Justice Brothers Bring New Car Vitamins To Tradeshow

We stopped by to see our favorite M.D. (Motor Doctor), Ed Justice Jr. at the Justice Brother’s booth in the center hall at the 2011 SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas. Ed was excited to show off a couple of new products from the historic company. With a reputation built on providing products in the professional line, Justice Brothers products continue to be available only at autoshops, dealerships and speedshops. You won’t find Justice Brothers products at chain stores.

That’s what we do, we sell vitamins for your car’s engine.

Ed Justice explained the essence of the Justice Brother’s line of car care products, “engine systems are similar to the human body. When you get older, cholesterol starts to build up on the walls of your veins and the amount of fluid that can travel through is reduced. You don’t even notice it happening. But when you talk to people that have had a procedure to have the veins opened up, they can’t believe how much better they feel. Think about it, when you get a headache, you take some aspirin, which dilates the veins allowing more blood to flow through and you feel better. That’s what we do, we sell vitamins for your car’s engine.”

The latest medicine in the Justice Brother’s medicine cabinet is a Diesel Emissions Control Service kit. According to Justice, “this emissions control kit has been in research and development for three years. Like we talked about earlier, over time an engine’s systems can start to get reduced by particulate matter or soot building up on the walls. This starts reducing horsepower, speed and torque gradually.”

“There’s only three ways to get rid of this soot build up in diesel engines,” says Justice, “you can replace the parts, take them apart and clean them by hand or clean them through chemistry. That is what this 3 part kit does, clean the engine by chemistry,” says Justice.

The three part Diesel Emissions Control Service kit has a treatment for Engine cleaning, one for EGR cleaning and an injector cleaner. All the vitamins that your diesel engine needs.

Also new in the arsenal for Justice brothers is an Ethanol fuel cleaner for gasoline engines. With more and more states requiring higher percentages of ethanol blends in pump gas, cleaning the powdery residue left by the burnt gas/ethanol blend could be extremely difficult. Once again the Justice Brother’s line of professional car care products can ease that pain by using chemistry to remove the deposits left behind. Justice Brother’s Ethanol fuel cleaner is so new that it was just approved for release to the public two weeks ago. The SEMA tradeshow was it’s debut to the public. We look forward to seeing what else the doctor has in his medicine bag.

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