SEMA 2011: House of Kolor’s New Digital Paintbooth 3-D Software

The pros at House of Kolor understand that the vision of the ride you want to end up with is the best place to start - that's why they developed the Digital Paintbooth 3D software.

One of the most frustrating things about working on any project car is not being able to see what the finished project will look like until all the work is done. You find yourself constantly wondering, “What paint color would look best?” and “What set of wheels will give the car the most attitude?” Well thanks to modern technology and the paint professionals at House of Kolor you don’t have to go on wondering what your final product will look like. At SEMA 2011 House of Kolor released their new Digital Paintbooth 3-D Software, to help you make all the important decisions to get your ride looking just how you want it.

Paint, body, wheels - you get full creative control to create the ride of your dreams.

The Digital Paintbooth 3-D Software gives you complete creative control over many popular vehicles in a 3-D rendering that can be viewed from any angle. You can change paint schemes, wheel and tire combos, suspension ride height, and even perform body modifications such as a chopped top. Paint effects can be faded or two-toned, and you can even add graphics like flames and stripes. Even though the software comes from the paint pros at House of Kolor, one of the coolest features is the ability to add hundreds of popular styles of wheels to your car to see exactly what they will look like before you drop the cash on the real thing. Best of all, you can even control the width and offset to help you nail the fitment of your wheels the first time.

With Digital Paintbooth 3D you can even see what your ride will look like in different environments and light levels. Notice the shadow cast by the setting sun...

The Digital Paintbooth 3-D Software costs $80 for one car, which might sound expensive at first. That is, until you consider that $80 for a tool to make sure you get your $30,000 (or more) car exactly how you want it the first time, is a small price to pay. Check out House of Color’s website for more info on this awesome software.

House of Kolor also has a new line of waterborne, low VOC finishes called "Shimrin2" with all the great properties you would expect from House of Kolor's products, but with a much lower environmental impact.

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