SEMA 2011: Hose Candy Adds Style And Substance

Modern factory cars tend to be a mess of flat-black plumbing under the hood, with vacuum lines, emissions hoses, and coolant plumbing. Race cars tend to have a bunch of very tidy, very expensive braided stainless hoses carrying various gasses and fluids to their respective destinations. But what if you’re somewhere in the middle?

Sure, there have been plenty of plumbing dress-up products before, but while Hose Candy will certainly improve the look of what’s going on under the hood, their line brings some truly functional, innovative products that do far more than just add color. Their Sidewinders quick coupler system for vacuum/boost reference hoses will handle up to 125 PSI, connects and disconnects with a simple twist, and allows color coding to prevent mistakes.

Hose Candy’s Hose Bones provide an exoskeleton for normally flexible fuel and vacuum lines to keep them routed away from heat or abrasion, and their Hose Skins are available in carbon fiber, Kevlar, and “Dragon Skin” materials to add protection to your existing radiator or boost hoses. A perfect compliment to Hose Skins (and a solid-gold hit for those of us who are tired of cutting ourselves up on worm clamps) are the company’s Boa Clamps – heat-shrink sleeves that actually replace traditional worm, spring, or T-bolt clamps and dynamically maintain tension on the joint.

Hose Candy's 65-69 Mustang kit is the first of a series of complete kits.

Now, to make things even easier, Hose Candy is beginning to introduce complete kits, starting with the 1965-69 Mustang. Sidewinder quick couplers, Skins, Bones, Boa clamps, and hoses are all included.

The Hexy vacuuum manifold offers seven Sidewinder-style quick connect ports.

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