SEMA 2011: Holley Expands LS Offerings – Again!

It’s safe to say that there’s no major speed parts company that has paid more attention to the LS engine over the last few years than Holley, and this year’s SEMA show display was a perfect example. In 2010, the big news was their Hi-Ram cast intake manifold, which offers the performance advantages of a fabricated sheetmetal or billet intake for far less cost, and thanks to a modular design, can be outfitted for EFI, dual 4150/Dominator carbs, or custom setups with different plenum tops. While the original version was for square-port heads, this year they’ve added a cathedral port base so that no matter what kind of heads you’re running on your LS, they’ve got a solution.

The Modular Hi-Ram Intake is now available in both square and cathedral port configurations to match the vast majority of available LS heads

On the other side of the heads, Holley has also rolled out some interesting exhaust hardware. Their LS7 cast headers are made from stainless steel, and they’re intended for C5/C6 applications as an easier-to-install alternative to tubular headers, but their compact design makes them ideal for engine swaps wherever space is at a premium.

Holley’s Hooker cast iron exhaust manifolds are another option for LS swaps, and their 2-bolt exit flange matches the 5th Gen Camaro as well as the E-ROD LS3, making for easy interchanges.

Holley's Hooker cast iron LS manifolds are available with gray, black, or titanium ceramic finishes in addition to as-cast.

We also got a look at Holley's new LS valve covers with integrated coil mounts. They eliminate the stock coil mounting brackets for a cleaner look, provide room for a .750 lift cam with stock-style rocker arms, and are available with a natural as-cast, satin, polished, or black wrinkle finish.

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