Proper road-going muscle cars these days have all their bases covered. They can go, turn, and even stop like our late-model favorites. These multipurpose do it all on bolt-on suspension goods, and add extra grip and decreased stopping distances with wider rubber and an aftermarket brake system. They’re stuffed with stout mills and their transmissions are built, with the ability to take a direct hit from a tank shell. So what’s left?

Eaton has expanded their line of TrueTrac systems to include heavy-duty trucks and produce them in a 11.5-inch for the GM 14-bolt rears.

Any gearhead (pun intended), if you’re paying attention, would have realized one vital component is missing from an all-purpose muscle car: a bulletproof rearend to take all the punishment. And that’s exactly where Eaton’s Detroit TrueTrac reigns supreme. It’s the ultimate King.

How It Works

The Detroit TrueTrac was the first helical gear (no clutches) differential ever introduced into the aftermarket as an Eaton brand. In short, the patented design of the parallel axis planetary helical gears provides a quiet, automatic splitting of torque. It performs like an open differential under normal driving conditions and automatically transfers torque to the wheel with better traction. This limited-slip system responds instantly to torque feedback, anytime, at any speed.