SEMA 2011: Gear Vendors Can Handle What HP You Can Throw At ‘Em

Overdrive transmissions used to mean, “Don’t throw too much horsepower at it, or you’re going to be mopping up a pool of ATF and little bits of aluminum.” Not so much anymore, particularly with Gear Vendors’ under and overdrives. These little miracle workers are quickly proving that the performance-loving racer can indeed drive their machines on the street, as well as customize their gear-splitting for drastically improved performance.

Nowhere was this more true than in the displayed Powerglide and Jericho gearbox applications. While nothing new to those who knew, Gear Vendors varied applications have been propelling plenty of hardcore racers, be it on the quarter mile, the off-road course, or towing the rigs getting these race cars to the event.

Not only are Gear Vendors’ drives mechanically strong enough to handle the punishment dished out by some of the industry’s toughest competitors, they also are electronically on-the-ball.

Designed with simplicity at the forefront, Gear Vendors’ drives are available with “Autodrive” features, allowing the overdrive to be automatically actuated just like if the car or truck came from the factory with it; an ideal feature for those tow rigs equipped with low gear ratios or 3-speed transmissions. Of course, you can always flip the switch to “manual” and handle the shifting yourself.

With applications for nearly every domestic muscle car, truck and 4×4, it’s no wonder that Gear Vendors is one of the most famous names in under and overdrive performance. Whether you’re driving a 3-speed, a 4-speed, or even a 5- or 6-speed manuals or 2-to-8 speed automatics, chances are that Gear Vendors has an application for you, but has likely troubleshot all the bugs that come with it.

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