What is Tool Steel?

A variety of carbon and alloy steels that are suited for being made into tools. Has distinctive hardness, is resistant to abrasion, holds a cutting edge, and tends to not deform at high temperatures. Is also generally used in heat-treated state.

We stopped by the Ferrea Racing Components booth during our tour of SEMA this week to speak with Zeke Urrutia and company and check out some of their latest in valvetrain components from their massive catalog of valves, springs, retainers, and related components for cars, motorcycles, boats, and virtually anything else with an engine.

Among the featured new products being showcased in the Ferrea booth are their new lightweight, Tool Steel Retainers for the Ford 4.6L, 5.0L, and GM LS family of high performance engines, which according to Urrutia, have double the lifespan of a similarly designed retainer made of titanium. These Tool Steel Retainers have been developed using some of the latest FEA and CAD software programs and have been tested for strength using compressive load rigs to exemplify their durability.

So what are the benefits of using Tool Steel Retainers in your engine? They exceptional wear and strength properties to make them withstand even the most extreme of demanding race applications, and they’re light weight – just a scant 1.5-2 grams heavier than titanium while, as mentioned, nearly twice as strong.

Ferrea offers their Tool Steel Retainers in Super 7-degree and 10-degree offerings, and are compatible with their dual of beehive valve springs.