Here at the SEMA show, Exedy Racing Clutches is showcasing several new high performance street and light off road use clutches for varying foreign and domestic applications, including a new setup for the LS-powered late model Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette.

These new Stage I and II clutch kits feature an entirely new, much thicker cover with a 3/16-inch stamping, which Exedy proudly boasts as an in-house design, rather than a remanufactured or OEM piece. The Stage I part sports a four face organic disc with a capsulated side plate that keeps the springs from coming loose, with a smooth engagement that drives very much like an OEM clutch.

The Stage II unit, meanwhile, sports a cerametallic friction disc that’s designed to handle the abuse of high powered modified engines without slipping or fading. The “thick” discs have better heat capacity and better durability in demanding applications such as those using power adders or utilized on the race track. the “Thin” disc, on the other hand, offers a greatly reduced inertia to improve shift effort, quicker shifting, and better synchro durability.

  • Thicker cover with 3/16-inch stamping
  • Stage I festures four-face organic disc
  • Stage II available with thick or thin cerametallic discs