It must be a mixed blessing to work in the engineering and new products department at Energy Suspension – as long as there are new cars and trucks coming out, there will always be a need for your services. On the other hand, you always have the opportunity to solve people’s problems, which has to be somewhat gratifying.

On the problem-solving end of the spectrum are their new line of universal sway bar end links. Most modern vehicles have “right angle” mounted end links, as opposed to the old-style inline designs, and to accommodate the widest possible range of applications, they’ve got four different part numbers that cover a range from 3.75 inches to 7.75 inches center to center, adjustable in one inch increments.

An answer to a more specific problem is their new short GM transmission mount, which has all the features of their popular standard height model, including their patented interlocking design, in a package that is shorter overall to work with custom installations.

Speaking of GM transmission mounts, their new 4th gen F-body mount is specifically designed for that application, and will probably be the last one you ever need. Blue Oval guys aren't out of luck either - Energy's new Mustang shifter bushing solves sloppy shifting due to worn out or failing OEM bushings for 2011-up pony cars.

Finally, there’s new rack and pinion, sway bar, differential mount, and sub frame bushings to round out Energy’s Chrysler LX offerings – now you can replace the OEM rubber bushings from nose to tail with a complete set of polyurethane pieces.