SEMA 2011: EFR Series Turbos from Borg Warner Turbo Systems

Borg Warner's EFR series turbochargers include features not typically found all in one place - integrated wastegates are par for the course, but Borg Warner goes even farther with integral blowoff valves, provisions for turbine tachometer pickups, and even provisions for hose clamp or V-band cold-side connections machined right in.

Turbos are truly wonderful creations –they take energy from hot exhaust gasses that would otherwise be wasted, and turn it into energy to help you create even more power. But it’s never just as simple as bolting a turbo on your car and burning rubber. Turbos have to work as just one part of a complete system composed of many different components and valves that create boost safely and efficiently. Luckily, Borg Warner Turbo Systems have a simple way to tame the complexity of turbo systems with their EFR Series turbos.

Innovative turbine wheel metalurgy makes for a light, fast spooling rotating assembly.

We spoke with the guys from Borg Warner here at the 2011 SEMA show about their EFR Series Turbos, and the laundry list of cool features they come with right out of the box. EFR Series Turbos feature a blow off valve built right onto the compressor housing and fully adjustable wastegates and boost controllers to make installation much easier in custom applications – meaning you spend less time fabricating and more time boosting. The compressor housings can also be “clocked” to orient them however best suits your specific car, and the stainless steel exhaust turbine housings come in a variety of popular flange configurations (T25, T3, T4). Additionally, the ultra-lightweight Gamma-Titanium turbine wheels and shafts in EFR turbos ride on slick ball-bearing journals to make sure you can create an abundance of boost no matter what RPM, with A/R specs to match any horsepower level up to 1,000 with a single turbo.

If you’re looking to put your engine under a little more pressure, be sure to check out all the great offerings from Borg Warner.

For full-race engines, Borg Warner offers their S-series turbochargers like the monster S500SX shown here, capable of supporting almost 1,600 horsepower in single-turbo applications.

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