SEMA 2011: EFI Tuning Made Simple with Hypertech

Hypertech tuners are a simple plug and play solution to more power.

Tuning doesn’t have to be an overly complicated or costly proposition for your EFI car or truck thanks to Hypertech. For years their OBD-II plug in tuning modules have made tuning simple, and at this year’s SEMA show they have tuners for several new models.

Until recently the only way to have your V6 5th Gen Camaro tuned was to ship your ECU to one of a few companies, but Hypertech is now offering a handheld tuner for the V6. During development, the engineers at Hypertech observed that adding a cold air intake to the V6 drastically changed the dynamics of the factory tune, and even beyond that, different brands and styles of intakes also had their own unique effect on the Camaro’s computer. So, Hypertech went through the trouble of dyno testing a V6 car with all of the popular aftermarket intakes, and developing a specific tune for each one. You just plug in the Hypertech tuner, tell it what aftermarket intake you have, answer a few more simple questions, and you’ve just added 6 HP and 13 ft./lbs. with the push of a button. V8 5th Gens gain even more power with a Hypertech tune, adding 20 HP and 18 ft./lbs. on premium gas.

Hypertech offers hand-held tuners for a wide variety of late model applications.

2011 and up Mustangs can also pick up some impressive power gains with a Hypertech programmer. The Coyote 5.0 equipped Mustangs can gain 17 HP and 31 ft./lbs. in spite of already having variable valve timing that can optimize the factory tune.

Hypertech tested all these intake and exhaust systems so you don't have to.

Hypertech tuners can help you maximize the modifications you’ve already done like intake and exhaust, to help you make even more power without even turning a wrench.

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