SEMA 2011: Edelbrock’s E-Street EFI Puts You on Easy Street

Edelbrock's E-Street EFI kit features a universal throttle body style fuel injection unit.

If the thought of replacing your carburetor with an EFI unit scares you, then you may want to check out Edelbrock’s new E-Street EFI kit. Sticker shock and nightmares about electrical wiring are a thing of the past with the affordable and simple to install package.

It’s a very economical package that will accommodate builders that want to upgrade their project car in stages.

“It’s a very economical package that will accommodate builders that want to upgrade their project car in stages,” says Edelbrock’s National Sales Manager, Cary Redman.

If you’re ready to step up from a carburetor to a modern electronic fuel injection system for your street or street/strip muscle car, the Edelbrock E-Street EFI can eliminate the hassle of a complicated system and lengthy installation process.

Utilizing a new universal throttle body EFI system, easy to use software that is supplied on the system’s touch screen tablet, OEM style wiring harness and an engine control unit developed by the same folks that have made the other very successful Edelbrock EFI systems.

Redman said, “the E-Street EFI system is ready to run right out of the box and has a preloaded tune in the ECU that gets you up and running. The fuel controls are self learning and will provide self mapping fuel curves to correct and dial in your tune as you drive.”

The E-Street EFI wiring harness simplifies the electrical wiring of installing an EFI system.

An easy to use 7" touch screen tablet comes with the package.

Features of the Edelbrock E-Street EFI:

  • Ready to run out of the box
  • Wide band controller included
  • Dynamic Fuel Controller that self learns as you drive (no tuning experience needed).
  • Fully assembled and pressure tested throttle body with injectors and fuel rails
  • Linkage and sensors that readily accept round air cleaners for a tradition look
  • Progressive throttle linkage for driveability
  • Fully assembled wire harness
  • Easy to use software that is pre-installed on a 7″ touch screen tablet
  • System automatically adjusts for future engine upgrades
  • Dedicated support staff to assist with any questions

What we found most amazing about Edelbrock’s new E-Street EFI system is that is can be an entry level system or a final compete upgrade for your project car. Not only is it simple to install and use, but it will support engines with horsepower ratings to 600 horses. This could be the only system that you need for the life of your project car, even with several other planned engine upgrades. Economy and ease, what more could you ask for?

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