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SEMA 2011: Eastwood’s Elite HotCoat Powder Coating Kit

With this product, the only thing that limits what you can powder coat is the size of your oven

Powder coating might be one of the most misunderstood skills out there today. The common assumption is that you have to take a product to a powder coating shop to get a high quality powder coat applied to a product. This is true for some larger items, because it’s very hard to find a oven large enough to fit an entire chassis in. But thanks to Eastwood, you can fulfill all your powder coating needs within your own shop.

“With this product, the only thing that limits what you can powder coat is the size of your oven,” said Steve Hurter, Inside Sales Manager for Eastwood. “And we don’t suggest using your kitchen’s oven, you really need a dedicated oven for just this.” This “Elite” kit includes the original powder coat gun, 5 colors, plus everything else you’ll need (except compressed air and a dedicated oven) to achieve truly professional results.

Powder coating can be accomplished in three easy steps: First clean the product, next coat it, and finally bake or cure the part.

The benefits of powder coating versus painting a product are:

  • Extremely durable finish
  • Coat and cure in under an hour!
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick color changes

But what a lot of people don’t understand is the cost associated with this product, or lack there of. The entire system retails for $199.99 off of Eastwood’s website. So imagine starting with 5 colors, and being able to powder coat whatever you wanted for a little more than two hundred dollars.

This is only one of the new products that Eastwood had at SEMA 2011, to see their extensive line of products visit their home on the web at Eastwood.com

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