SEMA 2011: Dynocom’s New AWD 5000 Series Portable Dyno

Almost 12 years ago, Dynocom Industries was born from the idea that chassis dynos should possess the latest in technology, like wireless and USB connectivity, and has steadily expanded into the fastest growing chassis dyno company in the world. Dynocom has even supplied dynos to OE’s such as Nissan, Tesla, and Ford for the testing of their own vehicles. Recently, Dynocom rolled out (no pun intended) their All-Wheel-Drive 5000 Series dynos, which they bill as the world’s most affordable and advanced mechanically linked AWD dyno.

Dynocom's new AWD dyno can be taken almost anywhere...

Wheel stabilizer bars prevent the car from sliding off the rollers.

The AWD 5000 Series Frenesla eddy brake system comes prewired, and is completely plug and play.

One of the key features of the AWD 5000 Series is a belt linkage system that keeps the front and wheel tires spinning at the same rate, thanks to ultra-strong Gates Poly Chain GT2 belts. This necessary to keep the vehicle’s traction control and/or torque management systems happy, as well as to prevent any type of mechanical failure from spinning the front or rear wheels out of phase with the rest of the drivetrain. But just because the 5000 Series spins all four tires doesn’t mean that rear-wheel-drive cars can’t get in on the fun too. The belt linkage system will just spin the front wheels of RWD car with no negative effects.

Well though out features like these steps help set the Dynocom AWD system apart.

Yep, you can tote this dyno just about anywhere there is a flat surface and strong electrical current.

Dynocom designed the AWD 5000 Series to be simple but effective, and eliminated many unnecessary and failure prone parts from the dyno. The AWD 5000 series uses high quality Frenesla eddy brakes to apply resistance rather than an inertia drum to measure a car’s power output. A big advantage of eddy brake dynos is that you can perform acceleration, step, and steady state testing, which can help you tune specific areas of your RPM band and improve drivability. Additional features include wheel stabilizer bars for added safety, and a CNC tapered roller shaft that allows for what Dynocom claims is the highest load and speed capacity  of any dyno in the industry.

A screen shot of the Dynocom software.

For that much, you and about five of your buddies could split one and have free dyno pulls for life...

Perhaps the coolest feature of the Dynocom AWD 5000 Series is how incredibly portable they are. According to Dynocom the AWD 5000 Series can be taken nearly anywhere, and can be set up and taken down in less than an hour. This means it could be set up at races, car shows, or anywhere else that performance cars gather – just imagine being able to set one of these up at your favorite cruise-in spot to settle the bench racing bickering once and for all!

The roller's CNC tapered shafts allow for higher speeds and load capabilities.

Check out Dynocom’s website for more info on their AWD 5000 Dynos.

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