SEMA 2011: Classic Tube Is Saving GM Trucks One Bend At A Time

We learned something today, General Motors trucks – from 2009 on up – are slowly rotting away. No we’re not talking about salty ice eating away at quarter panels or running boards, or even frame rails. But according to Classic Tube – who has been at the forefront of attacking this problem – the 2009-and-newer GM full-sized trucks are having their brake, evaporator and fuel lines rot right off the frame rails.

Classic Tube’s Paul Fix explained it this way, “We have a client who owns a fleet out in the Midwest, that services farmland. He called us up explaining how the factory ran all the hard lines together down the framerails that they’re collecting salt, water and debris. Eventually, they just start to rot apart.”

Scrambling to provide replacement hard lines for this, Fix realized, “There’s more SKU numbers than we could’ve imagined.

Realize that there’s a handful of variations of these trucks: short bed, standard cabs; short bed, quad cabs; long bed, short cabs; long bed, quad cabs; and then you have all the duallies and 4x4s. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of parts that need to be considered.”

With all of this in mind, Classic Tube has diligently pursued the late-model truck line to tackle the problem, all in addition to expanding their classic Mustang and GM lines, as well as all of their “general” components.

Also key to Classic’s catalog is its new comprehensive line of tools; straighteners, flare tools, benders and crimps. These, particularly when combined with their “everything imaginable” selection of brake and fuel components, makes Classic Tube the one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs.

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