This is our first red faced gauge, we really went all out on these gauges

It’s safe to say that gauges have become more than just… well, gauges. They are a way to incorporate your personality into your ride. They show more than just what is visible on the gauge, they allow a look into the owner of the vehicle’s passion.

Whether you choose to go with a modern or throwback style of gauges, says a lot about what you are trying to accomplish with your ride. With so many modern looks out there, we were happy to see a nice throwback look available through Classic Instruments at SEMA 2011.

The V8 Speedster Series is already quite popular, but at this year’s SEMA, Classic Instruments showcased their new Red Steelie Sytle V8 Speedster Series gauges. “The face has a trademarked chrome V8 emblem that embraces American Hot Rod Heritage,” says Adam Friesrich of Classic Instruments.”Also, the light diffusers have laser etched indices lining up with the indices on the gauge faces.This is our first red faced gauge, we really went all out on these gauges.”

The original V8 Speedster series were designed by renowned automotive designer Tom Gale and showcases a variety of features:

  • Unique dial face executed
  • Emblematic V8 badge on each gauge
  • Chrome plated pointer
  • Etched indices

The gauges come in either a five or six gauge set. Make sure you visit Classic Instruments to see their complete line of products available.