SEMA 2011: Build Your Dream Ride with Factory Five

Classic looks, light weight, and tons of power - what's not to love?

Unfortunately, in the world today, there just aren’t enough original Shelby Cobras, ’33 Ford Coupes, or even exotic late model sports cars to go around. But, thanks to the good folks at Factory Five, the rareness of these models doesn’t mean that you can’t build and own one for yourself.

Factory Five has built its name on producing quality “some assembly required” reproductions of some of the most iconic vintage cars in history, and as of the last few years, producing a modern supercar-styled two seat coupe that can hang with almost anything out of Italy or Germany. At SEMA 2011 we got a close up look at two of Factory Five’s most popular models; the MK4 Roadster, and the GTM.

We're loving the engine choice for this MK4...

The MK4 Roadster from Factory Five is designed to be so easy to put together that the average guy can build it in his own garage. It has also earned quite a reputation as a track monster, thanks to its super lightweight chassis, and power levels that are only limited by the owner’s budget. This particular MK4 we saw on display a Factory Five’s SEMA both was packing quite a surprise under the hood – a new Ford 5.0L Coyote engine.

The GTM makes no excuses... simply put, it's here to party.

For the kit builder who is looking for something a little more modern, Factory Five offers the GTM. The GTM uses many readily available OEM C5 Corvette chassis and body parts to complete the kit. Understandably so, the most popular engine choice for the GTM is an LSX, even though the car is set up to be a mid-engine, rear wheel drive platform that can accept a range of possible powerplants. This particular GTM is powered by an awesome LS7 mated to a Porsche 997 transmission that has been flipped to give it the proper layout for the car.

A twin-turbo LS7 lays down just north of 1,000 HP to the wheels of this Factory Five GTA.

Check out Factory Five’s website to get busy building your dream ride.

The guys at SKJ Customs, out of Washington, Utah, put this GTM together for its owner in only 1 month to have it ready for SEMA.

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