SEMA 2011: Be Cool Talks Tanks, Coolers and Finishes

While we were at the Be Cool booth at the 2011 SEMA tradeshow, company owner Roger Rosebush took some time to show us the different product finishes available from the cooling experts. Obviously Rosebush is proud of the products that the company manufactures as he went on to talk about their line of transmission coolers, radiator tanks and proprietary coolant.

It’s got a nice satin finish and is really professional looking.

About the Finishes Available

Be Cool’s Extreme and Show & Go product lines are made specifically for the show car scene. As Rosebush states, “When you want quality, as well as fit and finish to the highest standards… just Extreme it.” We agree with Rosebush, these two product lines add a real “WOW” factor with their upscale look.

For the restoration market, Be Cool offers a more conservative finish that Rosebush calls “a Be Cool OE Black.” Another option that Be Cool offers is what the company began manufacturing with when first starting out, a natural aluminum finish. “It’s got a nice satin finish and is really professional looking,” says Rosebush.

Transmission Coolers

An area where Rosebush feels pretty strongly about is transmission coolers. “Keeping your automatic transmission fluid at its optimum temperature, whether you’re racing, towing, or off-roading, is an often overlooked area of performance and reliability,” he says. Offering several different choices, Be Cool has everything from an OE style transmission cooler module to a “super-cool” type transmission cooler module.

Be Cool's radiator tank construction is epoxy free. Using bent and folded edges and fittings that are welded at the seams, Be Cool's radiator tanks are 100% leak proofed before leaving the assembly line.

Radiator Tank Construction

Another area where Rosebush feels very strongly is in radiator tank construction. Be Cool prides itself on constructing the radiator tanks without using epoxy. Working with tank material to fold and weld the tanks, they are pressure tested before leaving the assembly line. “If we have a leaky radiator then our customer is upset and we don’t want upset customers,” Rosebush explained.


This is what Rosebush calls “the most important part of our cooling program.” He claims that the Be Cool coolant has a higher boiling point and is environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable. “This coolant will last for 300,000 miles and using the coolant will double the Be Cool warranty on Be Cool parts,” says Rosebush.

The bottom line with Be Cool products, as Rosebush sees it, “we want people to have fun. If it’s not fun, we don’t want to do it. We want people to put our parts on and enjoy their cars and have fun.”

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