Royal Purple’s XPR 3.1 Ultra Low Viscosity Racing Oil At SEMA

We stopped by Royal Purple‘s booth at the SEMA trade show in Vegas to find out what was new with the Texas based oil company.  We talked with Performance Sales Manager Herb Kutz about the latest product in Royal Purple’s racing oil line, the XPR 3.1 racing oil.

According to Kutz;”NHRA Pro Stock racer Mike Edwards used the product and shortly after he began using the XPR 3.1, he became the series points leader throughout the rest of the season.” The properties of the racing oil, which is an ultra low viscosity oil, helps keep friction and parasitic power loss to a minimum, but providing the need engine protection that oil is required to do.

“We designed this oil for the most competitive classes of racing, like Pro Stock, Pro Stock Bike, Comp Eliminator and NASCAR,” explained Kutz. “These classes are extremely demanding on engines and lubrication systems, so engine protection is important.  Improving horsepower and torque, and lower track times was equally important, and we’ve been able to do that with the XPR 3.1 racing oil.”

In addition to the new racing oil, Royal Purple has also introduced a new proprietary quart bottle to the marketplace.  The new bottle looks similar to the familiar Royal Purple bottle that consumers have been buying for years, but the new bottle features an embossed logo on the front panel.

Introduced as an anti-counterfeiting measure, the embossed logo upgrades the look of the package.  Kutz says; “It was important for the bottle to convey the quality of the product that it contains.”

The new bottle will keep the signature, trade-marked purple color.  Products in the new bottle will be distributed through more than 21,000 retail locations in the coming months including retailers such as AutoZone, Advanced Auto, CarQuest, NAPA, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Pep Boys.

For more information on Royal Purple, visit them at

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