When it comes to racing and high performance street applications, weight is everything, and any area of the vehicle that one can shave those precious pounds away is a definite plus. But lightweight components come at a cost, and components such as aluminum shocks are commonly out of the price range of many enthusiasts, leaving them to settle for other options. These days, customers are looking for value, and QA1 has delivered on that request with their new Stocker Star NA line of shocks that offer the budget-conscious buyer a new option of an aluminum shock at an affordable price point.

The all-new Stocker Star NA line is a bolt-in, stock-mount shock that’s compatible with any stock mount configuration on vehicles from the early 60’s to present, and feature all of the same components  found on the best-selling Stocker Star shocks, but in a non-adjustable design that makes them much affordable, with a price of under $100. These shocks are end user rebuildable and revalveable to provide an even greater value to the end user.

Like the rest of the Stocker Star line, these new shocks are non-coil-over with a lightweight aluminum body and are intended for use in drag racing, street performance, autocross, road racing, and street rod applications.

  • Aluminum shock available at an affordable price (under $100)
  • Compatible with any stock mount configuration
  • Non-adjustable design
  • End user rebuildable and revalveable