Getting performance brakes to fit under 15-inch wheels can be challenging.  The limitation of the overall wheel size is the biggest problem.  Wilwood, though has come up with a set of brakes that will work under these small wheel conditions…and even on some 14-inch applications!

Starting at the rear is the DP low-profile rears with integrated parking brake.  The caliper base is a DynaPro low-profile that is fixed mounted.  It features four pistons and comes in a black finish.  The rotor is an HP smooth face that is 11-inches in diameter and .81″ thick.  The kit also comes with a Plate 4812, BP-10 compound pad. This kit is available for all popular rear end housing applications.

For the fronts, Wilwood recently revamped their kits to move the hub face further in for better clearance on low offset wheels. The FDL Pro Series front brake kit utilizes a Dynalite four piston caliper that comes in a polished finish.  The rotors are SRP drilled with the same 11-inches by .81″ thick rotor design.  The front pads are plate 7112 in a BP-10 Compound.

For those of you looking for a lightweight drag racing application rear brake, Wilwood has those too.  Designed for SN95 and up Mustangs as well as F-bodies, this rear kit is available in both the 12.19-inch Ultralite HP smooth face rotor or a non-vented plate.  It uses the DynaPro Radial caliper that comes with four pistons.