Miller Electric Causes A Diversion At SEMA

At the SEMA Show two years ago, Miller Electric‘s John Schwartz was happily telling everyone about the new TIG welder that was going to be released.  This year’s SEMA Show, Schwartz was beaming beside the big brother of the original Diversion TIG welder.

The Diversion 180 has all the features of the original plus some extras.  Schwartz explained; “Many of our customers are long time Miller consumers and they’ve grown up with the foot control.  The Diversion 165 only had the hand control, so we felt it would be good to offer the optional foot control with the new machine.”

The biggest deal about the new welder, is that it is simple.  It packs more punch than the Diversion 165, draws less power and is easy to use.

“The Diversion 180 also operates on 230 or 115 volt circuits.  It’s much lighter than transformer type welders.  Weighing in at about 50 pounds, you can haul it where ever you go,” stated Schwartz.

Features of the Diversion 180 Welder:

  • Uses household 110 or 220 volt, single phase input power.
  • Fingertip amperage adjustment built into the handle of the torch for better control of weld amperage.
  • Only 50 pounds.  Can be easily moved around the garage, trailer or even to the track.
  • Able to fully adjust the output through the full amperage range.

Schwartz explained that the new machine “uses a simple interface where you simply select the material thickness with the push of a button and the welder is set to the amperage that you need.”

As far as performance goes, Schwartz said that the Diversion 180 “is very consistent, more efficient and has more stable arc qualities.  You get the same arc every time.”

Put Miller Electric quality and add a low amperage draw of less than 30 amps that you can run off of 110 or 220 current, and you have the Diversion 180.

For more information on the Diversion line of welders or the Diversion 180, visit Miller Electric’s website at

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