Moroso has a slew of interesting new hardware for LS engines, but what caught our eye at SEMA this year were their water pumps and adapters for LS-style engines. Whether you want to run an LS-specific electric pump, adapt a conventional or electric water pump for use with your engine, or go remote, they’ve got the pieces to make it simple.

Moroso’s part #63566 electric water pump is a direct bolt-on that draws only 7 amps, making it suitable for total-loss setups on drag cars, and it’s compatible with 12 and 16 volt systems. Unlike a belt-driven pump, it robs no power from the crank, and provides full circulation even at idle. If you’d like to run a mechanical pump or already have an electric big block Chevy pump you’d like to repurpose, Moroso’s part #63615 adapter kit lets you bolt a BBC-style pump to an LS. The kit includes two billet aluminum adapter blocks, two pump adapter plates, fasteners, Viton O-rings, and high flow -12 AN fittings. For those who prefer a remote-mount pump, Moroso’s part #63616 adapter kit includes the adapter blocks, fasteners, O-rings, and four -12 fittings.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll also need one of Moroso’s remote thermostat housings like part number 63425 (shown below with a bolt-on filler neck and pressure cap rather than a radiator hose adapter) to complete the conversion.