Custom air filters by K&N on the RTR-X Mustang

Any performance enthusiast has heard of K&N Air Filters, and more than likely own one as well.  Not only do they make direct-replacement, drop-in air filter elements for virtually every car on the market, they also make air intakes and oil filters.  In a given year, K&N will test around 1600 vehicles on their dynos.  Before an intake design is completed, they will have completed over 200 dyno pulls on around six different vehicles for that application.  A lot of care goes into the fitment, and design to ensure maximum horsepower without sacrificing drive-ability.  They are so confident that you will be happy with your intake, that they will refund your money if it doesn’t perform.  Also if you need a custom application filter built, K&N welcomes this as well.

Ever owned a new car and got denied warranty service due to an aftermarket part?  I know I have.  K&N stands behind their customers with the Consumer Protection pledge.  Basically if you experience difficulties with a dealership repair department, they will step-in and resolve the issue, so you won’t have to.  K&N holds many dealer education classes to educate service departments on their product, and if they need to take one to court due to a warranty claim being denied due to one of their filters, they will do it.

A million mile warranty on their air filters, hundreds of chassis dyno pulls per application, and a pledge that K&N will stand behind their product in any circumstance, what else could you ask for?