Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) specializes in thermal products for racers, street performance gearheads and powersports enthusiasts.  It was only natural that DEI took their technology into the sound deadening line of products.

Tom Miller, Vice President of Marketing for the company, explained that the “under carpet” Boom Mat, a performance acoustic material, was the new product for 2011.  According to Miller; “the under carpet is the perfect product to use as a second layer over Boom Mat for additional sound deadening.”

The “UC” or under carpet product, is 3/8″ thick and is topped with a vinyl like material that provides additional environmental benefits by keeping unwanted heat or cold out of the car’s interior.

Miller explained “you just use DEI’s hi temp spray adhesive and the UC will be held securely in place, and your car will be quieter.”

The UC is currently available in 24″ X 54″, 48″ X 54″ or 1 foot X 54″ sheets.

If the 3/8″ thick UC sound deadening seems too thick for your needs, the Under Carpet Lite is available.  Just over a half inch thick, the UC Lite is a multi-layered under carpet composite material that also offers sound deadening and thermal insulation.

DEI can handle just about any thermal or acoustic lining problems that a car owner might have.  From under hood lining to a leather look sound barrier, an enthusiast can line trunks, hoods, door panels or speaker boxes.

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