Perhaps you’d like simplify your driving motions and give your interior more of a stealth look with a set of paddle shifters, or maybe you’ve seen them in imported sports cars and thought to yourself “hey, that’s pretty cool.” Well, paddle shifters aren’t out reach, and Mastershift makes it easy with their automatic and manual transmission paddle shifter kits that are compatible with many different makes of domestic vehicles.

The Mastershift Auto Shifter for automatic transmissions allows you to shift gears while leaving your hands on the wheel, and provides a quick and reliable electronically controlled movement of the transmission shift lever. The paddle setup is coupled to the transmission through a standard shift cable – just like the manual shift lever – making installation quick and simple. The Auto Shifter supports transmissions with a single, rotating shift shaft that has one position for each gear. Currently supported are transmissions such as the 700R4, Turbo 400, Ford AOD, GM-4L60 and 4L60E, GM-4L80, and others. Seen here is the 9-bolt hub adapter thats an integrated paddle assembly for use with splined GM or universal applications, and finished in brushed aluminum with black anodize as an option. This particular kit requires a horn wire.

The shifting functionality is rather simple: just hit the shift buttons or paddles and the Auto shifter will push or pull the shift cable to put the transmission lever into the correct position. You can also “stack” multiple shifts by pressing the buttons of the paddles several times in succession and it will move straight to the requested gear position.

  • Compatible with many popular GM and Ford transmissions
  • Couples to the transmission through a standard shift cable – just like the manual shift lever – for quick and easy installation