Most don’t know but there is a new oil standard coming to town soon and Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil is on top of the trend.  Modern motor oils are designed to protect catalytic converters.  Federal EPA requirements have led to a reduction in anti-wear additives like zinc, phosphorous, and sulfur in API certified engine oils.  As a result, the oil you buy today is not the same as it was 10 years ago.  For 2011, API certified oils will change again to meet current emissions standards.  While this is good for your catalytic converters, it’s bad news for your racing engine.

Racing engines see more RPM, higher loads and increased temperatures compared to stock engines, so racing engine oil requires higher levels of the above ingredients to prevent premature part failure.  This is especially true for flat tappet engines and Joe Gibbs Driven has a line of oil specifically designed to meet these needs.  Typical API SM oils feature around 750 PPM of ZDDP, while Joe Gibbs Driven offers nearly 2500 PPM.  This means better protection on the engine you just spent your life savings building.  Joe Gibbs Driven Oils supply a wide array of lubricants, including semi-synthetic, Petroleum-based, fully-synthetic, conventional and even gear oil.