If you’ve had the pleasure of using an air ratchet in a tightly confined space even once in your lifetime, you’ve probably got the scar on your knuckles or the vivid memory of a close call to prove it. For those of you who work with these sort of power tools on a daily basis, a reactionless functionality would be a dream come true. But what if a tool could also combine the power of an impact, with the accessibility of a ratchet? Enter Ingersoll Rand’s all-new and groundbreaking Hammerhead Impactool.

This new low-profile, revolutionary tool is unlike anything else on the market, and the folks at Ingersoll Rand believe it will lead to an entirely new category of power tool.The combination of power, control, and access found in the Hammerhead Impactool changes the way you work, and allows for use with virtually any application. No more awkward extensions and swivel sockets to constantly deal with.

The Hammerhead has the power of an impact with 180 ft-lbs of torque and 7,100 RPM, which is more than double seen in other ratchet’s on the market, and has a knuckle-saving reactionless torque that eliminates kickback. It also sports a head height of under two inches, affording all the accessibility in tight spaces available with a ratchet. It also sports a feather-tocuh trigger for excellent control, a conveniently located forward/reverse ring, and a two-position power regulator.

  • Power of an impact with 180 ft-lbs of torque and 7,100 RPM
  • Knuckle-saving reactionless torque eliminates kickback
  • Head height of under 2″ allows safe use in tight spaces