Holley Builds Some Serious LS Intakes

If you just landed from Mars, and you had no clue about Holley’s long and varied history in the performance business and only had this year’s SEMA show display to go by, you might very well decide that they’re all about the LS engine. All sorts of new parts were everywhere, from oil pans to headers and everything in between, but by sheer numbers, their new LS intake manifolds predominated.

Holley’s new dual-plane mid-rise manifolds are designed to maximize mid-range torque without sacrificing top end power, and mount two 4160-flange carburetors or throttle bodies. Since the LS doesn’t use a distributor or an intake-mounted water neck, there’s plenty of room for dual quads, and these manifolds take full advantage.

  • Power band from 1500-7000 RPM
  • Intended for use with all GM LS Gen III engines equipped with LS1/LS2 style cathedral port cylinder heads
  • Carbureted version (no injector bosses) – PN 300-120
  • EFI version – PN 300-121

If you really want to go nuts (and have the hood clearance to back up your insanity), Holley has a range of modular “Hi-Ram” intakes for LS engines as well. Starting with a carbureted (undrilled bosses) or EFI (set up for injectors) base, you can add top covers for 92 or 102mm LS throttle bodies, dual Dominators, twin 4150’s, or even a “blank” cover ready to be machined for a custom setup. The combinations are really limited only by your imagination.

  • A cost-effective alternative to fabricated race manifolds
  • Designed for LS3/L92 style cylinder heads
  • Port dimensions: 2.49″ tall by 1.21″ wide
  • Intended for use on N/A or forced induction engines in the 6.0-7.0+ liter range
  • Max power at 7-8000 RPM

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